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Beauty rituals to heal the mind, body, and soul

In an era where the daily frenzy takes us away, it is more and more difficult to find time to pamper yourself. Today, we have realized that taking care of yourself is not a luxury but a necessity.

A feeling of Pure Being

For us, it’s essential to return to our origins by preserving these powerful healing techniques. Bring a dose of well-being to reconnect with our vital nature

Transport Yourself

Immerse yourself into our world and experience our luxury scents developed by renowned master perfumers.

Inspired by Nature

From the design of our formulas to the packaging of our products, at leverden we pay attention to the smallest details to preserve the planet.

Dance and twirl through the intense Bamboo Forests of Korea

First the fresh and rejuvenating feeling of bamboo sape, the light peaceful swaying of the dewy leaves in the breeze, underlined with the little saltyness from the minerals. Subtle and pleasant, our signtaure scent is mindful and soothes the spirit.

Bamboo Leaves


The Bamboo Forest Collection

From deep in the countryside of South Korea, the Bamboo Forest Collection is inspired by the enduring therapeutic qualities of bamboo salt. Made from sea salt packed and roasted in bamboo stems at very high temperatures for up to three years, bamboo salt is known for its purifying and healing properties.

Hotel Amenity Collection

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