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Skincare from the Sea®

OSEA is clean, clinically proven skincare from the sea®. Our formulas are powered by a unique blend of seaweed and active botanicals to nourish your skin for results you can sea™.  Since 1996 we’ve set the standard for safe and effective products that make your skin look and feel its absolute best. Today it’s called clean beauty, but in our family it has always been a holistic philosophy, that our connection to nature is essential to our collective wellbeing.


Vegan +
Cruelty Free

Climate Neutral +
Ocean Positive

OSEA was born from generations of women inspired by the healing power of the sea and the belief that it is the source of all life. We source the sea’s most powerful ingredient and sustainable resource, seaweed, for its clinically proven skin benefits. Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, our seaweeds are sourced from around the world and deliver a myriad of skin benefits including anti-aging and moisturization.

Intoxicating Aromatherapy

Undaria Algae™ is an uplifting grapefruit, lime and cypress blend with sweet notes of mango mandarin.




Mango Mandarin

Clean Since 1996

Since the beginning we’ve believed that sustainability is our only future. As a brand inspired by the elements, we have a distinct duty to protect what we draw from. Every decision and every product we make considers the impact on our planet and collective wellbeing.

Hotel Amenity Collection

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